My name is George, Welcome to the site, This Website was started for the love of food, cooking and eating, finding new places to explore all over Long Island and New York, I want people to read the great things there are in cooking and exploring different cultures that we have all over Long Island, we will bring you recipes to try, food and drinks, restaurant reviews and events, videos of the places we go and see, foods we eat, just a lot of fun, I started my journey in cooking at a young age watching my grandma Wright and my mom cook all kinds of foods the old ways back then there wasn’t any microwaves everything was from scratch. As i got out of school i landed a great job with chef Andy Whitcomb at a cafeteria they used to run in Bethpage I started at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder learning all i could along the way till one day i became the head chef, I was cooking for 500 people a day it was great for a few years then i went to work for The Skyline princess a cruise ship that did tours and weddings i became in time the commander and kitchen manager there for a few years till i got burnt out from 20 hour days. from there i went into catering with chef Frank Sullivan a great guy but a lonely man lol sorry Frank. ( a little inside joke). After a few years there i wanted to experience what a real working kitchen was like with making food to order so i signed on with Frank pignataro at E.B. ELLIOT’S in Freeport  was a great experience but the three floors i had to climb up each day for prep work and bringing supplies up and down wore my knees out with my weight, so now i work with my wife Ailyn the boss at George Parsons Roofing and Siding in Franklin Square, but i still cook almost everyday for me and my wife i wont stop i love it.

Exploring new foods, and events on Long Island