Essential Tools for the Kitchen Part1 Spice Grinder

spice_grinderDo you have what it takes to make cooking in the kitchen easy? I have learned over the years having a few appliances can make a world of difference, not only to make the work your doing easier, its cuts the time it takes to make, and makes the taste of your final product better. First up today is the Coffee Grinder AKA Spice Grinder, Rule # 1 never mix the two, if you use it for coffee always use it for coffee, same goes with spices always spices. This product will help you grind to dust must any seed you can put into it, example mustard seeds will turn to mustard powder. If you make your own rubs and spice mixes you will need one of these, there cheap also about $20.00 in amazon, walmart, Click on one of the boxes above and search it, you’ll be happy you did.( I love mine.).

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