Chef George Meets Legendary Chef Lidia Bastianich

photo_1(1)Today was a great day, I was able to meet one of the wonderful people i have watched on TV for maybe 30 years as i was growing up and helped me fall in love with cooking, this was my first ever book signing and Chef Lidia made it special by taking a picture with me, she told her bodyguard after me no more pictures, it will slow them down, so a big thank you to Lidia for making me feel special, and she knew i was a chef so that helped also lol. The book is great also i skimmed through fast there’s 150 recipes to try and master, i wont say whats in the book you’ll need to get your own copy and support our great chefs. And trust me its worth the price you pay the signature is a bonus. i will keep this short and sweet, Thank you to the man upstairs for another great day. Get the book and enjoy.

Ihawan Restaurant Best BBQ in Woodside Queens

ihawanLast Saturday, me and my wife Ailyn joined a group of our good friends from Upstate and N.J., in Woodside Queens to celebrate Jenny Williams Birthday, It was all prearranged by jenny`s daughter ivy, we had reservations for 10 of us, The place was called Ihawan all the reviews we saw for it said it had the best BBQ in town so we were excited to try it, and all the guests besides me and jenny`s husband Kevin were filipino and BBQ experts. and don`t get me wrong me and kevin are experts in BBQING the american way this BBQ is Asian style and very good, As we sat Ivy did the ordering she ordered 2 different Kamayan style platters.photo_3 Kamayan means to eat with your hands and that’s what we did, my wife warned me before we went don`t embarrass her by using the fork or spoon, and like the great husband i am i did as told lol, We started with a veggie pancake fried with shrimp in it, i took the shrimp off because nothing is worse then trying to peel fried shrimp with the shell on. Next we had a great Salmon soup flavored with lemon grass it was very good, Then the main course came as you can see in the picture you have jasmine rice, mussels, fried squid, lechon kawali = deep fried pork, BBQ pork and BBQ chicken, you can dip it into Philippine vinegar is not as harsh as American goes well with BBQ meats, and also a soy sauce vinegar hot pepper mix, i get heartburn so i don`t eat that one. All the food was very good and the BBQ is the best we have had in Woodside, we also had a birthday cake from red ribbon bakery there around the corner from the restaurant it was the famous mango cake i love Philippine mango’s more then anything but this cake wasn’t what Americans are used to with taste, not saying it was bad i just didn’t care for it so much. other then that the day was great i want to thank everyone who was there they treat us like a part of the family always and we love all them for that so till next adventure. enjoy life everyday and eat something new. enjoy.


Party German Style at Oktoberfest

October means Oktoberfest time, This is a German tradition since 1810 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This 16 day festival runs from late September till the first Sunday in October. 6 million people from all over the world flock to see this event, and experience the rich delectable foods and beers and music, that makes this event famous. During the 16 day festival 7 million litters or 1,849,000 gallons of beer will be consumed. Festival goers will also enjoy traditional foods like Hendl = ( roasted chicken ), Schweinebraten = ( roasted pork ), Wuastl = ( sausages ), Brezeln = ( pretzel ),

Knodel = ( potato or bread dumpling ), Reibeldatschi =  ( potato pancakes ), Blaukraut = ( red cabbage ), There are delicacies like Obatzda = (a spiced cheese-butter spread ), I am sure its great on bread or a pretzel with Weisswurst = ( a white sausage ), and homemade mustard mmmm. Ok now that were eating well we need something to wash all that great food down with, The only beers that you will see at oktoberfest will come from one of these breweries: Augustiner-brau / Hacker-pschorr – brau, lowenbrau, paulaner – brau, spatenbrau, and staatliches Hofbrau – munchen.

So strap on your Lederhosen and find one of the fest`s going on this weekend and get out, have fun and try something new.