Filam Church Picnic

photoA few Sundays ago me and my wife Ailyn, and our friend Jhoana, were invited to a church picnic with friends who belong to a Philippino church in Poughkeepsie N.Y., so we got up early that morning and picked up Jhoana and left for our two hour drive upstate, i love the drive in nice weather we see deer`s, turkeys, and other animals along the way, We arrived early where we were greeted by Ayvee, Jenny and Kevin and had breakfast before hurrying out to follow Kevin to the park where the picnic would be, on arrival at the park we unloaded the car of nice big fresh watermelons and juices and sodas, So we headed to the main gate paid our entrance fee of $5.00 which also included a raffle ticket for a nice prize later. We went in unloaded our offerings then set up our chairs in the shade under a big tree, one thing Americans and Filipinos agree on they don`t like too much sun, After awhile there were about 20 of us there just talking and waiting for father aris to start mass. once mass started we all went to the pavilion, our friend Mr John George was one of the speakers and Micah Araula was one of the choir members she sang very nice. After mass the lunch started once online you can see so many foods there must have been 100 plus dishes to choose from both Filippino and American wow so much to pick there was   BBQ pig (lechon baboy) that is one of the dishes everyone loves there are too many to list here and now, there were all kinds of drinks and desserts, if you went home hungry it`s your own fault. After we ate there were games of skill and strength i sat out most talking to Kevin and John George and Gary, me getting hurt pulling a rope is not an option i am  the only driver. it was a good turn out maybe 150 to 200 or more people. there was nice music and of course karaoke. If all this sounds like fun to you and your looking for good people to be around meet us next year and have a blast as we did this year, you can reach father Aris Doremido at Holy Trinity Church 775 Main st Poughkeepsie N.Y. 12603 Phone is 845-452-1863