time to order your seeds

It`s that time of the year again to plan out this years vegetable and flower garden, and get your order in now before you miss out and there out of stock of the best stock. I ordered early because this year i will be planting all Heirloom Vegetables, i want to be able to save all the seeds from this year for next year and not buy any, most years i get hybrid or gmo stock but never again, i want food and flowers i can share with family and friends and the taste is so much different, for instance take your typical tomato in the store grown in a hothouse somewhere in Florida it has no real taste or flavor, now take that same seed plant it in the ground with real rain water and nutrients and sun, fresh air to grow that tomato will have so much flavor and sweetness you cant compare the two. Just think about when you were a kid how the food tasted the flavor that’s what you get when you grow it yourself. And if you think you don’t have the room to have a garden think again i started mine in container pots grew the sweetest tomato`s you ever tasted, they just have to be at least 12 inch`s deep with good potting mix and, sun and water, i feed mine miracle gro,  i mix in my water can once a week keeps them healthy. so why not give it a try this year start small one pot till you see if you like it or not, drop me a message here and let me know how you make out, or if i can answer any questions for you.

Here are a few seed companies that you can order from, Territorialseed.com


Burpee.com / ebay.com / amazon.com


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