Cooking with the Amazing Chef Robinson Agcopra

DSC_0005 (800x532)I just spent one incredible month in the South Philippines for my vacation with family and friends for my brother in laws wedding and our family reunion. Now everyone knows with a wedding and family reunion there`s going to be a lot of food, The main player for us is the pork, the pig is the most important food at any event, it stands for prosperity and is great tasting. I got a chance to watch and help one of my wife`s cousins who was doing all the cooking, His name is Chef Robinson Agcopra – AKA (SUK), along with his son, son`s wife and his daughter. I was amazed how they could take a whole hog, break it down and cook every part into something delicious. there were many dish`s my favorite was his lolly pop`s they are the ribs boiled then scrape the meat down the bone and bread it and fry it, it`s so good, what amazed me the most about the chef all the cooking is done outside over an open fire with wood, If you have ever cooked on an open fire before you know it`s the hardest way to cook, trying to control your fire not to burn your food takes practice and skill and a long time to master, but that`s what Chef Robinson is a master to me, he started cooking with his father at age 7 where he learned from the bottom up the art of being a master of fire and food, and he`s passing it on to his kids now to keep the tradition going. I’m happy i got to spend time with him and family to learn and respect real masters at work cooking. Thank you Chef Robinson Agcopra and family for your time and great food.

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  1. Good to know you got to meet insuk! I know him and his father. He’s very funny and street smart too. He’s his father’s legacy I guess. 🙂

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