2016 planting season





It`s that time of year again, Time for the seed catalogs to flood the mail and you can see all the new great vegetables and flowers for 2016. i get very excited this time of the year and wish winter was a thing of the past, i cant stand the cold but i guess we need it to grow lots of great things on long island. So the catalogs are here we see all the new toys and seeds and order what we want to grow this season. This year i will grow everything i plant from seeds, so i ordered 2 starter flats with domes and heat mats, and a new t5 4 foot lighting system i can hang over them,This will replace my 1 light shop light, and i also will have a cold frame to harden my plants off before planting in the ground. It always seams so much time and money goes into it, but when i get to eat all the fresh flavorful vegetables and see all the beautiful flowers its so worth it all.  now you know what i will be doing for the next few weeks drop me a message here and tell me how your getting ready and what new things your doing in your garden this year.