Gone Fishing For A Day

I Finally took a few days to relax, me and Ailyn my wife headed up to Lake Ontario, We would be attending the wedding of Ayvee and Gary on Saturday, Papa Kevin thats Ayvees Dad set up a Fishing charter for the guys for Friday morning, We arrived in the afternoon on Thursday unloaded the car and greeted all our friends then settled in for what was going to be a great day Tomorrow. The alarm clock didn't  get  a chance to go  off i woke early at 4 AM excited haven’t been fishing on a boat in a long time and i have never went trolling for fish i always had a rod in my hands so this was to be a new experience for me. the women got up and made a lot of sandwich for us we thanked them and off we went, we arrived at the dock about 5:45 AM and Capt Dave and Kyle the mate pulled up right on time at 6 AM, The boats name was Cynbad, Capt Dave got everyone on and we were off, On the way out Kyle the mate readied the rods we were going to use for the day, We had and hour drive out and it was to be a little choppy going out, Once we got out to where we would fish as Kyle set the bags and down riggers and lines out Capt Dave went over the rules and how we would fish, we picked the line up who was to go first and that was Gary since he was getting married then it was me, Larry, Todd, John and Kevin wanted to go last. . There were 4 lines to go out 2 for Salmon mid range 75 to 100 feet deep and 2 for lake trout deep about 130 feet the bottom was about 140 feet deep. It didn't take long and the first fish was on, we all had our turn 2 times and it was time to go home after an exciting day we had 12 fish in the cooler you can see them in the picture above, When we got to the dock there are 2 men there who will clean your fish any way you want them to that fee is extra maybe $2.50 a fish but well worth it, I cant say enough thank you`s to Capt Dave and Kyle for a great trip i will remember forever. If you would like to take a trip with Capt Dave on the Cynbad check out his website for more info www.Dragnaline.com