Al Bawadi Grill Chicago 2017

A few weeks ago me and my wife Ailyn took a great trip with her aunt Beth and cousin Rechy to site see Chicago,Michigan and Wisconsin. When in Chicago we had dinner at a local place Rechy knew as she is from the area, The place was called Al Bawadi Grill, This is a Palestinian restaurant with authentic food from Palestine, we walked in and i was happy to see lots of people inside “a busy restaurant means good food normally”  First thing you see is a very tall man in traditional dress and it makes you feel you just stepped off the plane in Palestine, he showed us to our seats and gave us menus, It took us extra time looking cause we didn't know the food, so after awhile we placed our orders. after a few more minutes they came to the table with an appetizer plate with fried bread for dipping,  mashed eggplant dip, hot pickles and something else i cant think of now but was good, and i didn`t get many pictures cause my phone died there. Well as for our food it was for the three Lady`s they had the Chicken Kufta Kabab`s,Which were marinated seasoned chicken breasts grilled to perfection, You had your choice of spicy rice or not spicy rice they all had non spicy rice. 
i opted for the Kufta Kabab`s which is beef & lamb with parsley garlic and spices, onions and tomato`s and spicy rice. It was some of the best grilled food i have had in a long time. i also had a house special drink of Lemonade with fresh crushed mint, it was very refreshing and tasty All in All it was a great time talking,eating,laughing enjoying great company and new food, seeing what the real world of food is like try it for yourself you may like it. get out there and enjoy something new.