Garden Experiment Year 1 (2017)

This year i have been doing things a little different then in years past and i see a big improvement, First thing i did was to add Azomite rock dust to the soil, Number two thing was to add Organic worm castings to the soil, Third thing was to make my own organic compost, I add all my kitchen fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds, crushed egg shells.

compost bins

The last thing i did this year was to start making my own compost tea, i added some Fish Fertilizer, Kelp meal, Worm castings, and some of the fresh Compost, In a small mesh net in a 5 gal bucket with 4 air stones to brew over night then i diluted it in rainwater from my Rain collection Barrels. 

These changes were for the best i can tell by all the greener bigger produce the garden gave this year, No matter what i planted it grew like never before it was like the soil was bionic. Things that i have tried in the past and failed at grew like crazy this year like Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, All my herbs, just loved the Rosemary, Sage,Thyme with all my Chicken this year, My neighbor loved the Cilantro grew so much he came and cut a lot this year was great in the fresh salsa. The Tomato`s were bigger and plentiful, Carrots, Turnips, Rutabagas so much and too much to remember and list all, but a very happy year so far and we still have fall to go. but now im thinking of how to make some improvements for next years garden. How was your garden this year and how did you improve yours?