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Garden season 2018 start

Hi Everyone, We have a cold start to this year in the garden, but it getting warmer and looks like it will be a great year, I have started all my flower and veggies from seeds this year and only used seeds from 2 places, First is Mike the gardener and baker creek Heirloom seeds, both company`s are non GMO, I do belong to Mike the Gardeners seed of the month club and i get 4 packs of seeds for my area Zone 7 each month, i love it cause its like Christmas each month to see what they send and grow different things all the time its been great so far im happy with it. Outside right now its just about salad time the lettuce and radish`s are getting big enough to eat now, wont be long, i will put some progress pictures on here so you can see till next time.


Quail update 1 1/2 weeks old now

The Quail egg`s hatched ok i guess, we got 32 chicks out of 53 eggs, This was the first hatch in this machine. The chicks are getting so big now and hard feathers, they eat a good bit and dirty there water so fast i need hook up a watering system like i have in the cages with cups to make it easier on me and fresh water all the time. We are looking at temps raising this next week coming and at the end of next week they will be old enough to go outside. so far its been easy to care for them, i think anyone can do this if they put there mind to it once you have it all set up right its very easy.


Garden Experiment Year 1 (2017)

This year i have been doing things a little different then in years past and i see a big improvement, First thing i did was to add Azomite rock dust to the soil, Number two thing was to add Organic worm castings to the soil, Third thing was to make my own organic compost, I add all my kitchen fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds, crushed egg shells.

compost bins

The last thing i did this year was to start making my own compost tea, i added some Fish Fertilizer, Kelp meal, Worm castings, and some of the fresh Compost, In a small mesh net in a 5 gal bucket with 4 air stones to brew over night then i diluted it in rainwater from my Rain collection Barrels. 

These changes were for the best i can tell by all the greener bigger produce the garden gave this year, No matter what i planted it grew like never before it was like the soil was bionic. Things that i have tried in the past and failed at grew like crazy this year like Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, All my herbs, just loved the Rosemary, Sage,Thyme with all my Chicken this year, My neighbor loved the Cilantro grew so much he came and cut a lot this year was great in the fresh salsa. The Tomato`s were bigger and plentiful, Carrots, Turnips, Rutabagas so much and too much to remember and list all, but a very happy year so far and we still have fall to go. but now im thinking of how to make some improvements for next years garden. How was your garden this year and how did you improve yours?

SUMAQ Peruvian Festival 2017

Me and my wife Ailyn attended this event this past Sunday, we had our tickets and RSVP for the food demos by some of the most famous chefs from Peru, the first one we saw was Chef Jose Luis Chavez, he is famous for his unique Ceviche,  He is the owner of Mission Ceviche in Manhattan, the second Chef was Chef Miguel Aguilar owner of Surfish in Park Slope Brooklyn, Chef Aguilar was trained by Iron Chef Bobby Flay, he also appeared on Knife fight, the Chef has a passion for Ceviche, we were able to taste his creation which was amazing, this was the first time me and Ailyn tasted Caviar, it explodes in your mouth and tasted great, It was a great experience to see them prep and make and get to taste there food. outside we explored the stage show walked thru the vendor booths to check out all the great foods there was to taste, we agreed we would have the BBQ pork Al Cilindro De Javis  stall, we liked there unique way of cooking the pork, And trust me it was great, fresh, juicy, flavorful, The dish came with the pork and char roasted potatos The cost was $15.00 we actually had that one and took one home for dinner. All and all it was a great time, but i did see some people complaining about the prices were to high, I think they need to remember that the cost of admission gives you the shows you see outside and all the food demo`s inside were all free, as for the food the people making them pay a fee to be there and bring all there stuff from Peru just to give you an experience you wont get anywhere else, So to me the price is worth the whole experience. I would like to thank them for our experience and look forward to next time.

Anchor Bar Buffalo N.Y. 2017

Hello everyone, I took a road trip with my wife this past weekend to see her cousins and aunt in Buffalo N.Y.  to meet her cousin Stephanie visiting from Texas, they wanted to see the falls and sites on the American side, previously we were on the Canadian side, so we did the maid of the mist and trolley ride, Me and Ailyn my wife watch the food channel a lot and one show they had on the Anchor bar saying how great the wings were if not the best you can find in Buffalo so we said ok we will try the place when we go. so time comes Saturday time for dinner and we went it was about a 40 minute drive from the falls in a kinda run down side of town, we waited about 10 minutes to be seated we made our order of wings and sweet potato fries, reg fries, garlic bread, and drinks, it took about 20 minutes for the food to come and the  sauce for the wings were on the bottom only and they looked hard fried and boy was i right hard crunchy tough wings, the fries were dark and hard, not what we saw at all on the food network, this was some of the worst food i have had, and trust me we don`t complain about much when we go out but this was just bad food, I guess this is where live and learn comes into life next time we will go to the steak house.

P.S. The highlight for me was to hear some of the KISS concert near our hotel. lol